Energy insights solutions

Energy Insights Solutions

Learn how granular and actionable real-time energy intelligence from our energy insights solutions can power your business performance.

Discover the power of device-level intelligence

Organisations devote significant funds to energy expenditure and, at the same time, increase their carbon footprint. Concerns over energy costs and sustainability are demanding their attention. To meet these demands, organisations will need:

  • A method to identify energy waste – reducing spend and emissions
  • Device-level, real-time insight into energy consumption across sites
  • A proactive approach to avoiding costly down-time of equipment
  • A data-driven strategy to enhance operational performance

Our energy insights solutions are providing detailed intelligence and creating opportunity through the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our solution consists of our Panoramic PowerTM wireless sensors in combination with our complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadarTM. The sensors IoT-enable energy-consuming devices, transforming them into smart devices that can collect real-time data. This empowers organisations to effectively and holistically analyse energy data, manage consumption, reduce spend, improve operational efficiency, and prevent costly downtime.

Want to find out how device-level intelligence can yield better operational performance, protect against operational risk and equipment failures, and boost efficiencies for your organisation? Fill out the form today to talk to one of our energy insights solutions experts.

Smart energy management based on data

The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it
Watch our video and discover how our comprehensive portfolio of cost-effective and easy-to-install power monitoring equipment provides organisations with the real-time intelligence they need to lower energy costs and boost operational efficiency.

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