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Putting our energy into education

Smart energy sensors have cut a US school district’s energy supply by 250,000 kWh, delivering savings of £17.6K per year.
kWh saved per year
saved annually
testing provided a long-term solution

A school wanted to learn how to cut energy waste

With such varied usage patterns of both students and staff, it was hard for a local school district to pinpoint where they could save energy and costs. They needed an expert approach, and we welcomed the challenge.

Strategy + smart technology = big savings

We carried out a two-month trial using our energy insights solution, to pinpoint consumption on equipment and detect problems and potential failures before they occur.

Considering everything from water heaters to car park lights and cafeteria food warmers used energy within the school district, there was a lot to test.

To do that, we installed self-powering wireless sensors on devices throughout the school. A dedicated energy manager could then monitor when the devices were using the most energy and when they were wasting it. Once we knew which were inefficient, we presented appropriate solutions to reduce the energy waste.

The results

We helped the school district leaders identify that Panoramic Power could save up to 250,000kWh a year, which equated to £17,600 ($23,000).

Why choose our energy insights solution, Panoramic Power?

It allows you to:

  • Control out-of-hours consumption
    Real time energy monitoring at circuit level reduces energy costs and manages energy usage out-of-hours.
  • Benchmark devices, systems, buildings and campuses
    Prioritise preventive actions across multiple devices and sites by benchmarking device data that compares other sites within the campus.
  • Improve operational effectiveness
    Through device-level energy management and planned maintenance, you can ensure that your sites run effectively at all times.