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Newcastle United's iconic stadium cuts annual CO2 emissions by 390 tonnes

Not many Premier League grounds can match St James' Park for energy efficiency - thanks to a smart CHP solution that generates electricity, heating and hot water for 50,000 matchday fans.
tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced annually
Equal to 130 cars being removed from the road
Equal to 320 acres of forest being planted

They were looking to improve results

The club were already offsetting more carbon than they emitted through boiler optimization, burner management, lighting upgrades, smart building and energy monitoring. But to take their carbon saving to the next level, they needed a permanent, cost-effective solution onsite.

Our solution was the perfect match

Working with their consultants Energy Impact, they decided that the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units were the perfect choice for Newcastle United. They don’t just generate electricity, they actually recover the majority of the heat created in the process. This is then used to supply heating and hot water for the building.

Building the solution on-site

One of the main obstacles we overcame was the actual space constraints within the stadium. To get the equipment to where it was needed meant delivering it in three sections then rebuilding onsite.

With the system safely in its new surroundings, we de-rated the 230kWh CHP engine to 185kWh capacity in order to achieve a 200kVa load threshold. This was due to the electrical grid network constraints.

The results

The CHP unit is now helping the club reduce their CO2 emissions by an additional 390 tonnes per year.

Thanks to the on-board computer, which provides a two-way communication channel between the unit and the service centre, we can monitor the energy levels in real-time to optimise performance.

As the technology we supplied was on a pay-as-you-save basis via the Discount Energy Purchase scheme, there was no capital outlay for the equipment or installation either.

Why choose CHP?

It’s a system that:

  • Can help you achieve energy cost savings of up to 40%
  • Reduces CO2 emissions of up to 30%
  • Provides greater security of supply and plentiful hot water
  • Can provide efficient cooling by adding chillers
  • Can be used as a replacement for inefficient boilers or work alongside existing boilers
  • Offers flexible procurement options
  • Requires Zero CAPEX
  • May benefit from potential Government funding for energy efficient schemes and possible grant funding
Our partnership introducing a high efficiency CHP system is another major step in our mission to achieve outstanding green performance.”
Eddie Rutherford, Facilities Manager at Newcastle United
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