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Ensuring maximum ROI at one of the largest swimming complexes in the Netherlands

Centrica Business Solutions installs a 125 kW CHP unit at De Waterdam swimming pool

De Waterdam swimming pool

Manager of De Waterdam swimming pool, Peter Klos, sees plenty of opportunities in the Edam-Volendam region: extra focus on babies and toddlers, the over 50s and those with reduced mobility. As a first step in a major renovation process, Centrica Business Solutions (then ENER-G Nedalo) delivered a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit.

Covering an area of six hectares, De Waterdam is one of the largest swimming complexes in the Netherlands. And while many swimming pools are having to cut back their facilities out of necessity, the fundamental aim in Edam-Volendam
is to at least maintain the current facilities. That’s why the municipality decided on a major renovation project to make the pool future-proof in three steps. “We’re starting with the outdoor pool. This will be followed by the teaching pool, competition pool, the changing facilities, entrance and other installations, all from 1974. Finally, we’ll tackle the recreational pool that was completed in 1995,” says Klos.

Ensuring rapid, maximum ROI

To help it make the right choices, De Waterdam hired various electrical and architectural consultants. For instance, an energy scan was carried out to investigate, among other things, whether to replace the 15-year-old 90 kW CHP unit.  “This preliminary study showed that combined heat and power technology remains very attractive to us, and we wrote to several suppliers. We had a very transparent  
selection criterion: return on investment,” says Klos.  Although Klos emphasises that all parties submitted very decent tenders, the savings model of Centrica Business Solutions won with flying colours.

Six degrees of comfort

De Waterdam decided to equip the CHP unit with a second flue gas cooler that heats the water. “Those extra six degrees provide enormous comfort in our indoor pools when we rinse the filters. Our guests don’t suffer from a dip in the temperature and we save on additional heating.”  Three months passed between placing the order and completion. “The work was perfectly on schedule, despite adjustments to elements including the pipework due to the heavier unit. In the interim, we switched off certain installations and closed certain play facilities, but there was enough energy left to allow the business processes to continue.”

Visitor numbers

Klos is ready for the next steps. These include more outdoor play equipment and changing facilities for babies and toddlers, there will also be larger cubicles and wider passageways indoors aimed at people with reduced mobility.  A more extensive sports programme for over 50s is also being developed. Klos is confident about the future: “Some activities are even reimbursed by health insurers. If you improve your facilities, then that will definitely pay for itself.”

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

Centrica Business Solutions is the oldest supplier of CHP units in the Netherlands. The company has the largest fleet of CHP units in Europe and is the authorised service dealer of MTU, Mercedes and Travis Perkins. With the ENERG 125 for De Waterdam swimming pool, Centrica Business Solutions is proving to be a true CHP specialist. Customers that make intelligent choices in terms of energy will see their returns
and savings grow.