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Council becomes more energy efficient and saves £44,000 a year

Durham County Council has maximised the energy efficiency of select council buildings, delivering a 34% reduction in electricity usage and saving £44,000 per year.
Reduction in electricity consumption
KWH electricity savings per year
Energy cost savings in 12 months


Smart energy initiatives to save costs

Durham County Council wanted to cut carbon emissions and amplify the energy efficiency of its buildings. The Council embarked on a major energy assessment of some of its building stock. In the first phase it tackled larger places of work before addressing smaller, rural offices. In the next phase it wanted to renovate three, large vehicle depots.

Full audit, design and install

Centrica Business Solutions started by conducting an energy assessment of the three sites. Working alongside the Council, Centrica Business Solutions designed and installed a range of energy saving solutions. These included LED lighting to replace the fluorescent strip lighting, pipe insulation, automatic doors to ensure heat loss was kept to a minimum, and destratification fans. The refits were completed within three months, with all three depots fully operational throughout.

The results

The solution has delivered an immediate impact. Most strikingly, the depots are now warmer and more efficiently lit. "They are more energy efficient now," says Paul Wilkinson, Senior Projects Manager, Durham County Council. "This gives us peace of mind that we are being as efficient as possible, but it also means that the staff working in the depots are benefitting from the changes."

The cost savings have been remarkable. Across the three depots there has been a 34% reduction in electricity consumption (380,000 kWh saved), resulting in a cost reduction of £44,000.

"The LED lighting produced the quickest return," says Wilkinson. "But the range of measures – doors closing automatically, lights going off when no one is in the area, circulating hot air from ceiling to floor - these have all helped to maximise the efficiency of our operations."

Centrica Business Solutions has helped us reduce energy costs and become more energy efficient. Implementing these energy-saving solutions has not only allowed us to reduce our carbon emissions, it has also helped us define a long-term energy management strategy.”
Paul Wilkinson Senior Projects Manager, Durham County Council

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Provided detailed energy efficiency audit across Durham’s estate, identifying areas for improvement
  • Defined long term energy management strategies for Durham County Council 
  • Delivered efficiency plan across everything from lighting to power generation
  • Resulted in improved operational efficiency and managed energy spending
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