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9 Year Partnership creates resiliency

Centrica Business Solutions manages regular testing of all UK sites for global leader in design and manufacture of modular buildings.
9 years
Long term relationship
Buildings tested regularly


Maintaining operational standards

Portakabin is a global leader in the design and manufacture of modular buildings. For all locations it must ensure its electrical fixed installations are efficient and compliant.

Resilient manufacturing focus

Founded in the UK in 1961, Portakabin now operates in 10 countries. Its buildings are used as classrooms, health centres and office blocks.

Safety and energy efficiency are key priorities. The compliance team within Centrica Business Solutions has worked with Portakabin since 2009, annually inspecting and testing the electrical fixed installations, emergency lighting and load testing at its York head office, 250,000sqm production facility and hire centres nationwide.

The relationship sees Centrica Business Solutions’ engineers working on site at Portakabin locations for up to seven weeks at a time, inspecting and testing circuits, identifying fire hazards, and ensuring all electrical distribution and equipment are operating safely and efficiently. The agreement also includes updating electrical network drawings to ensure quick and safe isolation in the case of any incident on site, as well as regularly carrying out emergency lighting testing and remedial works.

The service not only ensures compliance but also improves operational resilience.

After each inspection, Portakabin receives exclusive access to its test records, network drawings and condition reports online via a compliance portal, with an interactive view of overall electrical site compliance. Any remedial actions are notified and completed at the various Portakabin sites.

The results

By having the same Centrica Business Solutions’ engineers regularly visiting the site, Portakabin enjoys consistency, quality, trust and simplicity. These are values that Portakabin stands by in its own business, explains Kevin Walker, Development Manager, Portakabin.

"Centrica carries the same values as us. They want to do the job right, and they are set up to do so. It guarantees the same quality every time."

Centrica Business Solutions manages the whole testing process, so Portakabin has peace of mind that each unit has been and will be tested when needed. This reassurance means Portakabin never needs to worry about safety.

By working with an energy specialist, Portakabin can continue to make great quality units, innovate to stay ahead and continue to push the boundaries of modular buildings.

There is a legal requirement to test sites every three to five years. Centrica Business Solutions carries out that service for us cost effectively, and with a great attitude.”
Kevin Walker, Development Manager, Portakabin

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

Centrica Business Solutions covers everything from maintenance to training, enabling businesses to become more resilient, compliant and efficient.

  • Compliance and periodic inspection: ensuring Portakabin meets required standards and is operating efficiently
  • Expert engineers: inspection and testing carried out by highly trained, competent engineers who return regularly, building up a strong customer relationship
  • Cost effective: testing and inspection services are competitively priced, delivering excellent value for money