Sharing wireless energy monitoring technology can strengthen your brand
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Sharing wireless energy monitoring technology can strengthen your brand

Learn how expanding your portfolio to offer your customers cutting-edge energy management technology increases your revenue streams, strengthens your brand, and demonstrates your brand as an innovator.

Businesses across every industry require energy for their day-to-day operations. Whether it be to run an air conditioning system or power an entire assembly line, businesses devote significant funds to energy expenditure and, at the same time, increase their carbon footprint. While this might not have been of major concern in the past, the global threat of climate change and the proliferation of environmental issues is triggering a transformation of the energy landscape, resulting in an increasing focus on sustainability.

While one positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic was an 8% reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions, this is likely only temporary. Industry experts have expressed valid fears that rebound emissions in a post-COVID-19 world will quickly obliterate all the gains accrued when many people stayed home, unless there is significant investment and emphasis on energy efficiency, clean energy, and sustainability. And it’s not just these experts that are concerned about this worrying trend – 57% of consumers have expressed that they would change their purchasing habits in order to reduce negative environmental impact.

Transform the energy sector with cutting-edge technology

If you are an energy service provider, energy consultant, or a facilities/property management firm and have placed energy data analytics at the core of your business model, you can play a part in helping consumers support sustainable businesses. With the Centrica Business Solutions Partner Programme, you can offer your clients energy management technology that provides them with complete visibility into their energy estate, giving them the tools they need to become more energy-efficient – while controlling their energy costs in parallel. Not only will this make your clients happy – but it increases your own revenue streams, strengthens your own brand, and demonstrates your brand as an innovator by sharing cutting-edge technology. It’s a win-win for everyone, including the environment!

The thought of offering your clients a new tool or service may be out of your comfort zone, but don’t worry. With our partner programme, you can acquire the expertise needed to level up your service and offer more value to your clients.

As part of the programme, you will upgrade your own business and gain significant advantages such as:

Instantly create more value for clients by giving them access to a wide range of energy solutions, analytics, and support that will help them understand where they are expending too much energy and how they can become more energy efficient.

Increase your own revenues by selling new solutions that are much needed and desired by your client base.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by bringing a fresh perspective that includes innovative and effective ways of incorporating new energy-saving solutions.

Help enterprise companies reduce their carbon footprint by presenting them with sustainability propositions that will improve their resilience and lower their energy costs.

You know your clients best and you want to offer them solutions that meet their needs. With Centrica Business Solutions, you’ll have the tools, support, and infrastructure to give your clients the most progressive and exciting energy management technologies and innovations on the market. You can delight your clients by going above and beyond their current expectations from you.

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Learn how expanding your portfolio and offering your clients unparalleled energy insights with cutting edge technology will help you compete, innovate and develop added value services that generate ongoing revenues for your business.

Wireless energy monitoring can help your clients

Your clients are probably aware that there are better ways to manage energy resources, optimise performance, and become a more sustainable business. What they are lacking is knowledge of exactly how to take action and what tools they will need – and how to implement their plan cost-effectively. This is exactly what you will be able to provide them through your partnership with Centrica Business Solutions. 

Our energy insights solution is a market leader in energy data analytics and provides your clients with real-time visibility into their energy consumption across their entire estate. Our solution consists of our suite of Panoramic PowerTM hardware and industry-leading, cloud-based energy management platform, PowerRadarTM. Our Panoramic Power wireless sensors harness the power of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to collect real-time energy intelligence and analytics of energy data at a circuit-level of granularity. The sensors are self-powered and non-intrusive, allowing for rapid deployment across a facility within hours, with little to no disruption to operations.

Our partners act as resellers for our Panoramic Power technology, leveraging our data and analytics capabilities to offer value-add services to their clients. From site survey, installation, on-boarding your clients and marketing support – we’ll show you how.

Key benefits of our Panoramic Power sensors:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Real-time energy data helps identify inefficiencies in operations and enables early, proactive action
  • Lower energy bills through reduced wastage
  • Predictive maintenance alerts to reduce downtime
  • Extended equipment lifespan

By sharing our technology with your clients, you enable them to achieve cost savings and improved energy efficiency, with the added byproduct of improved sustainability that is increasingly in demand by today’s consumers. In addition to promoting our energy insights solution, our partners work closely with us to identify cross-selling opportunities for other distributed energy solutions – like solar and combined heat and power. Whatever your role is in relation to your clients (i.e. consultant, developer, agent, etc.), gaining a reputation as the service provider who offers solutions that result in lower costs, increased profits, and improved client satisfaction will strengthen your own brand.

Partnership in action

Learn how our partners are delivering value to their clients

Watch our video and learn how Enerpro harnessed our energy insights solution to help leading pipe manufacturer Palad more effectively monitor energy consumption across their production lines and identify ways to improve their processes.

Experience the power of together    

One of the biggest lessons learned from COVID-19 is the importance of social responsibility. As members of society, we are responsible for taking care of one another, protecting the health of our most vulnerable members, and protecting our environment and planet. Today’s consumers and business leaders are becoming ever more aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, putting demands on companies to pay more attention to their environmental practices.

Companies are actively looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world. If you, as a service provider, can offer solutions that meet that need, it should be easy for you to upsell your existing clients and generate new business. Joining Centrica Business Solutions’ Partner Programme will give you everything you need in order to do just that.

Together, we can help companies leverage the latest technology to drive a data-led energy strategy, enabling them to effectively manage their energy costs, reduce their energy consumption, be more efficient, and demonstrate sustainable energy practices.

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