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Changes to MCPD and Specified Generators regulations

The updated regulatory package for the 'Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and Specified Generators' regulations in England has been released by the Environment Agency (EA), find out if you need to take action and by when.

The deadline for permit applications for the new MCPD and Specified Generators regulations in England is fast approaching, with any new installation coming into operation after 20th December 2018 requiring a permit before any fuel can be burnt.

The Environment Agency (EA) have confirmed that permits will fall into three categories:

  • Standard Rules permits
  • Simple bespoke permits 
  • Complex bespoke permits

Interim information has been released by the EA, and is available here.

Pending changes and approaching deadlines

The package of regulations is still being finalised, but key points are available that mean that all energy solutions that utilise a fuel to generate power will be required to possess a permit shortly.

There have been some changes to the earlier versions that were consulted on, and some additional data points have been added to the simple bespoke permit screening tool. However, it remains that detailed dispersion modelling is only required for complex bespoke permits.

Any new installation that is scheduled to come into operation after 20/12/18 will require a permit before any fuel can be burnt. The EA have stated the position on timescales for processing permits (12 weeks for bespoke permits and slightly shorter for Standard Rules) which in effect means that any applications will have to be submitted asap.

Any new installation that is scheduled to come into operation after 20/12/18 will require a permit before any fuel can be burnt.

Those organisations who fall into Tranche B specified generators must be in possession of a permit by 1st January 2019, and hence these applications will also need to be submitted as soon as possible to meet the deadline.

The full definition of a tranche B generator is given in the guidance, but it is relevant to note that it includes plants that commenced operation on or after 1st December 2016 (except those subject to the exclusions listed in the regulations). Any plant that was awarded a capacity market contract in the auctions earlier this year or which has a balancing services agreement entered into after 31st December 2017 (and which is in force after the end of this year) need to also be in possession of a permit under this new regulation.

Both the T-4 and T-1 contracts will need the permit by 1st January 2019, and any plants that are hoping to be awarded contracts in the upcoming capacity market auction will need to hold a permit when the contract is awarded.

Centrica Business Solutions has been working with the regulators throughout the process, and are well placed to help you understand the regulation, assess whether you need a permit and support you in your application. Get in touch with us for more information.