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New energy technology – the learnings for Education

Improve energy insight and efficiency, manage costs, create sustainability.
Schools, colleges and universities and educational services are under increasing pressure to cut costs and deliver on sustainability and environmental targets, often in the face of funding cuts. Large campuses in particular contain a great deal of energy-consuming equipment – so finding the right solution can be complex.
What can new energy technology offer?
The power of knowledge icon
The power of knowledge
Uses IoT-based energy analytics to deliver a complete picture of your energy consumption in granular detail to unlock savings and hidden value.
less cost, more revenue.
Less cost, more revenue
Reduces your energy and facilities management costs. Helps large energy users create a new revenue stream by feeding reserve energy capacity back into the grid.
Resilience icon.
Greater energy control
Improves your site resilience by proactively identifying energy issues and equipment failure before they cause downtime – particularly important for research facilities, where energy failure can have significant consequences.
Reduced waster, reduced carbon icon.
Reduced waste, reduced carbon
Helps you monitor, measure and ultimately transform energy usage to meet legislated sustainability and environmental targets.
annual energy costs for further and higher education (source: Carbon Trust)
tonnes of CO2 emissions are produced each year from the education sector (source: Carbon Trust)
the potential savings for UK schools in reduced energy costs (source: Carbon Trust)

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