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New energy technology – the agenda for Public Sector

Manage energy costs, meet sustainability targets, improve operational efficiency.
The Public Sector is under constant pressure to cut costs and improve services, all while meeting stringent environmental legislation. As energy costs are a significant outlay, savings and performance are top of mind. And, due to the critical role the public sector plays in society, resilience is key.
What can new energy technology offer?
The power of knowledge icon
The power of knowledge
Gives insight into energy usage over large and distributed sites, helping inform your investment, maintenance and improvement strategies.
less cost, more revenue.
Less costs, more revenue
Offers you significant energy costs savings through efficiency gains that would normally only be achievable through negotiation with energy suppliers.
Resilience icon.
Greater energy control
Aids your delivery of ‘always on’ citizen services and improves resilience against energy supply interruptions and equipment failure. Gives large energy users the opportunity to export unused energy back into the grid.
Reduced waster, reduced carbon icon.
Reduced waste, reduced carbon
Makes sustainability targets significantly more achievable, particularly important in the face of increasingly stringent emissions legislation.
1tn Btu
US government total energy consumption (source: US Energy Information Administration)
projected annual savings for state and local governments via cost-effective energy measures (source: Energy Star)
US government annual energy spend (source: Energy Star)