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Powering your industry

Centrica Business Solutions delivers distributed energy solutions to industrial, commercial and public sector organizations.

We also enable commercial and industrial organisations to unlock the competitive advantage of distributed energy across healthcare, public sectormanufacturing, retail and distribution, watercommercial real estate and utilities sectors.

Small and medium business
Businesses operating on tight profit margins are particularly sensitive to high energy costs. Lack of time, expertise and capital have led many small and medium enterprises to postpone the energy management upgrades that could dramatically improve their bottom line. We have the depth of experience, expertise and understanding to support their energy management goals. We’ve completed thousands of energy upgrades for small and medium businesses, providing our customers with annual savings totaling more than $50 million.
The construction industry has many uses for energy – it is typically used in generating heat, powering equipment, creating products and materials, and transportation. The energy consumption of buildings, and the role of the construction industry to minimize it, has been a focus of significant government policy change and legislation. We have experience of working with construction businesses to implement energy solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and their operations. We can implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce costs, help lower energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.
Pharmaceutical companies are facing an increasingly competitive environment and are looking for opportunities to reduce costs without negatively affecting the quality of their products. The implementation of new and reliable energy-efficient technologies can deliver benefits such as quality improvement, increased production, improved process efficiency and productivity gains – also reducing environmental emissions to build more sustainable manufacturing processes.
Hotels and Leisure
Hotel and leisure organizations are having to enhance customer experiences to protect their revenue and strengthen their brand, and at a time where consumers are demanding greener credentials and input costs are increasing. Now is the time for this sector to optimize its energy infrastructures and services. We have extensive experience in helping to solve hotel and leisure organizations' challenges, harnessing the power of energy to maximize their return on investments, ward off the threat of new competitors and find new avenues for growth.