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A message from our Managing Director about how we are responding to the spread of coronavirus.

A message from our Managing Director

Responding to the spread of coronavirus


We know that many organisations and communities are being significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We stand ready to help you navigate these difficult times as your energy partner.

We have taken action to try to ensure that, where possible, we continue to support our customers while trying to help prevent the spread of the virus by complying with the measures that have been introduced in the countries where we operate. We have also implemented enhanced safety precautions of our own to protect the health and wellbeing of both our team and the organisations we serve.

We are using our advanced remote monitoring technology to continue to manage a large portfolio of energy assets located on customer sites. We are providing additional support to some hospitals and other organisations that are fulfilling a critical role in the response to coronavirus. We are also continuing to work with system operators to optimise our customers’ flexible energy assets and help balance the grid in the UK, the US and Belgium.

These are difficult times. Please know that we’re here beside you, ready to help you quickly adapt to the changing circumstances. Reach out to us if you have a question or a thought of how we could support you.

Thank you,

Greg Mckenna
Managing Director, Centrica Business Solutions