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Generator delivers 24/7 peace of mind for The Legacy Castle

A Rudox Power Generation diesel backup generator from Centrica Business Solutions helps ensure that the power is always on at The Legacy Castle and guests’ enjoyment of their special day remains uninterrupted.

kW of fuel-efficient standby output delivered
seconds to get up and running
service and maintenance guarantee

Full power at a moment’s notice

The Legacy Castle is a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art venue featuring sumptuous architecture, interior design and detailing, with the latest technology and equipment to provide the ultimate experience for clients and guests.

Each event is meticulously planned and choreographed to ensure that every aspect – from set up, arrival, catering, table service, audio visual, entertainment and departure – is delivered perfectly, in style.

Because service continuity is absolutely essential, Senior Vice President of Operations, Gary Hillen, needed a high quality, super reliable backup power source that could swing into action at a moment’s notice. It needed to cover all the venue’s power requirements, should the main utility supply ever be interrupted.

After a rigorous evaluation process, it was determined that a Rudox Power Generation Mitsubishi ERM1000 diesel generator from Centrica Business Solutions would be the best solution, supported by a 24/7 service, testing and maintenance plan to keep the generator in prime condition, operating at 100% efficiency.

As part of a custom installation operation, engineers used cranes to position the generator on the roof of the main building, with fuel pumped from ground level.

The results

By providing protection from unplanned power outages, the Rudox diesel generator delivers peace of mind for The Legacy Castle’s owners, managers and operational staff, secure in the knowledge that instant, high-quality backup power is always on hand.

When called upon, the generator has responded immediately, fulfilling all power requirements smoothly, quietly and
efficiently, until the main utility supply has been recovered.

That’s what the Centrica Business Solutions generator gives us: total peace of mind that it’s fully maintained and serviced, ready when we need it. We’ve invested in the best of everything at The Legacy Castle so it makes sense that we selected the very best backup generator.”
Gary Hillen, Senior Vice President of Operations, The Legacy Castle

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • 24/7 service, testing and maintenance plan, offering complete peace of mind
  • Fast starting, with load transferred in 5-10 seconds
  • Engine provides consistent, dependable performance