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Excela Health case study

Excela Healthcare implements Demand Response and energy insights solutions and increases earnings by $50k

Excela Health in Western Pennsylvania has historically been known as a forward-thinking health system with respect to managing energy usage. In fact, they have been awarded for energy efficiency efforts throughout the 2 million square feet of its three hospitals and satellite facilities. Implementing Demand Response and energy insights solutions took their energy strategy to the next level.

Curtailed usage
Increased earnings

Excela wanted to maximize their energy strategy

Seeking a new perspective on how to understand and manage its energy usage, Excela Health approached our sister company, Direct Energy Business, for a suite of solutions to identify potential cost savings and boost energy efficiency without significant capital investment.

Integrating Demand Response with energy insights for a complete solution

Direct Energy Business recommended an update to their strategy for participating in Demand Response, a program which generates revenue for large energy users who are able to curtail energy consumption during periods of peak demand on the power grid.

That’s where energy insights solutions from Centrica Business Solutions came in. With installations of wireless energy monitoring sensors on the circuitry at five of their healthcare facilities, our energy insights platform yielded a wealth of actionable energy data. With the ability to deliver energy insights down to the equipment or device level, we helped support a plan that wouldn’t disrupt operations.

The results

The data yielded insights into exactly where Excela Health could shed load consumption during Demand Response events. By reducing use from their HVAC systems, lighting and elevators, they were able to curtail more than 3.5 MW at three of their locations.

For the Excela Health team, this use of energy insights took their Demand Response strategy to a new level. “During the Test Event, we knew exactly where we were and it was very helpful. Now, for our Demand Response reenrollment, we think we could increase our commitment because of these insights, and increase our earnings by up to $50k” said Dan Robinson, Director of Facilities, Real Estate and Construction, Excela Health. “Now that we have this visibility, there’s no more guesswork. With the tools we have access to and the knowledge that we’ve gained, we’re confident we’ll be able to take off more load from the system. We’re even planning on displaying this data on our main maintenance computers so that we can raise awareness across our team” he continued.

Excela’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of every life we touch. By being conscious of our energy usage and carbon footprint and being good environmental stewards, we are really supporting our mission and it’s how we’re ultimately held accountable.”
Dan Robison, Director of Facilities , Real Estate and Construction, Excela Health