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Establishing one of the most intelligent energy systems in North America

At its East Rutherford office in the heart of New Jersey, Centrica Business Solutions is creating one of the most electrically intelligent buildings on the East Coast. The site showcases the substantial value of aggregating latest energy innovations.

solar PV system
120 kW
2-hour energy storage system
50 kW
high-power EV charging stations

A series of intelligent energy systems

The East Rutherford office of Centrica Business Solutions measures 50,000 sqft. It is a typical office set-up, overlooking the famous MetLife stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets.

Yet this is no ordinary office. Peek beneath the surface, and you’ll find one of the most efficient energy generating, storing and selling facilities in North America. Harnessing a 165 kW solar PV system; a 120 kW, 2-hour energy storage system; and high-power DC 50 kW EV charging stations - this office is powered by a series of intelligent energy systems that showcase the vast opportunities of distributed energy. These technologies are all managed by Centrica Business Solutions and visible through PowerRadar™, Centrica’s Integrated Solutions Platform.

This suite of innovations contribute to the production of the energy the site itself requires – and also offer the opportunity for excess energy to be sent back to the grid in the future, which would create extra revenue for the site and enable it to contribute to the rebalancing of the wider energy network.

A North American showcase

Centrica Business Solutions’ extensive energy optimization and demand management capabilities allow businesses to use their energy flexibility as a revenue generating asset. Automated technology unlocks markets that require immediate energy response and offers more value than traditional Demand Response markets and demand management practices. Installing a variety of distributed energy resources at East Rutherford allows the site to function as a showcase for these technologies.

The site is a testament to the fact that the benefits of the latest energy innovations can be multiplied when they’re combined and used in partnership to deliver advanced cost control and revenue generation.

Centrica Business Solutions manages and owns the infrastructure. This means the assets have the capability to reduce the overall energy bill and generate additional revenue in the future, without the burden of managing those assets in energy markets.

“We specialize in energy asset optimization and demand management using distributed energy resources and renewable energy development,” says Anthony Nole, Head of Optimization at Centrica Business Solutions, “we wanted to create a place at one of our own facilities where those solutions co-existed.”

By optimally managing these solutions together, Centrica Business Solutions can flex and proactively manage its energy usage - delivering ongoing energy resilience and generating new, recurring revenue streams.

Energy optimization can not only reduce costs for a business, it can generate revenues. This site demonstrates how different technologies can be aggregated to create more value.”
Anthony Nole, Head of Optimization Centrica Business Solutions

The results

As the North American energy grid becomes increasingly diverse, a network of distributed energy assets that are aggregated and centrally managed will be critical to building and balancing the energy system of the future.

The East Rutherford site is a true benchmark in terms of energy optimization, cost management and resilience, and clearly demonstrates Centrica Business Solutions’ ability to combine energy solutions for our customers, in order to maximize results.

This site has the capability to offset overall energy costs by up to 30%, since it has the potential to participate in energy markets using on-site distributed energy resources.

“East Rutherford shows how the latest energy innovations can be aggregated to unlock substantially more value, and we can use this example to engage with customers on their decarbonization journey,” says Nole.

“East Rutherford allows us to live our customers’ experiences and demonstrate how to optimize and unlock the full value of their energy assets and load flexibility.”