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Rethinking energy for better business performance

Rethinking energy for better business performance

Explore three opportunities for energy management that tackle escalating business costs and transform energy into a driver for value and growth.

Imagine how a 5% increase in sales could help your business overcome operational costs and resource pressures. The good news is that this goal is within your reach. If you cut your energy costs by 20%, you can gain the same bottom-line benefit as a 5% rise in sales. This can be achieved by taking a more efficient approach to energy management – how you source, use, optimize, and monetize your energy.

Our Energy Advantage Report – research of over 1,000 energy decision-makers around the world – found that 1 in 3 businesses are exploring how energy can lead to higher growth, greater efficiencies and reduced business risk. In fact, our survey data shows that organizations with a well-documented energy strategy are 2.5x more likely to be efficient, well run and financially robust.

Our newly published Energy Opportunity paper highlights how business can use three key opportunities to improve their energy management and achieve similar outcomes.

Three proven energy opportunities

Advances in technology and flexible finance options mean that more organizations can take advantage of advanced energy efficiency solutions. Here are 3 compelling opportunities to re-think the way you manage your energy to boost your business performance.

Opportunity #1

Unlock energy insights by using energy data to create deeper insights and improve operational efficiency.

Solving the challenge: Energy-efficient companies understand the impact of monitoring and measuring energy consumption on operational performance improvement and cost reduction. By monitoring equipment with low-cost, wireless sensors, connected to our Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform, customers can quickly gain deep and insightful energy analytics – enabling them to pinpoint where energy waste is occurring, optimize performance, and spot potential equipment failures before they happen. ­

Benefits: By implementing predictive analytics, your business can adjust operational processes to optimize performance and turn energy visibility into cost savings. Additionally, the more you know about your energy profile, the better you can inform energy efficiency strategies and build the case for future investment in energy management.

Energy insights in action: Advanced energy analytics delivered 7% energy savings at The Franklin office towers in Chicago. By using our technology to monitor and analyze circuit-level energy, building services engineers identified that unnecessary energy was being used out-of-hours and during the summer months. Rectifying this anomaly led to 3,000 MWh of annual energy savings, valued at $214,000 per year, with a payback on investment of less than 6 months.

Opportunity #2

Reduce your reliance on the grid with Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

Solving the challenge: Cogeneration can increase your energy resilience while reducing costs and protecting your business from volatile energy prices. According to our research, 45% of energy decision-makers believe that they will experience an energy related failure within the next year. Cogeneration can enable businesses to generate power off-grid – creating a secure and low cost energy supply while providing a free and sustainable onsite heat supply.

Benefits: Installing a cogeneration system and generating power on-site can reduce your energy costs and unlock greater sustainability benefits by using renewable methane rich bio-gas to fuel the cogeneration process. Providing a stable, secure energy supply boosts your site resilience, protecting you from energy supply disruption. In combination with battery storage, you can maximize opportunities to generate revenue and avoid peak power costs through energy optimization or participating in Demand Response programs

Cogeneration in action: A state-of-the-art critical data center required resilience in its energy supply and a reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions. We installed a highly efficient cogeneration solution to reduce their carbon emissions by over 650 metric tons per year. The 425 kW cogeneration unit is also delivering $135,000 in energy savings each year.

Opportunity #3

Improve sustainability with solar and strengthen your brand reputation.

Solving the challenge: Climate change threat coupled with growing consumer demand to do business with environmentally conscious brands means that organizations must explore sustainable energy solutions. Solar energy is one of the most cost effective methods of improving both financial and environmental performance.

Benefits: Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system adds value to your property by using existing assets to generate energy. Generating solar power reduces your electricity costs by offsetting more expensive grid supply with 100% renewable power that is cost-effective, reliable and sustainable. You can also generate revenue by selling excess solar power back to the grid and improve the resilience of your supply by combining solar with energy storage. A sustainable approach to energy can do more than improve your bottom line – it can also improve your brand reputation.

Solar in action: Embrace Home Loans in Middletown, RI wanted to lower its operating expenses and its carbon footprint as part of its “Going Green” initiative. Our team installed a rooftop solar PV system and helped Embrace Home Loans cut its grid energy consumption by 56%. Additionally, over a 25-year average, Embrace Home Loans will see a 69% reduction in their electricity costs, facilitating new mechanisms to invest in the company.

Rethink your energy

As the three opportunities demonstrate, there are many benefits to rethinking your energy management strategy. The most effective energy strategies look at each of these in turn, building an energy action plan that can deliver improved performance and efficiencies over the long term. With the Energy Opportunity, your organization can unlock:

  • Reduced energy consumption, waste elimination and more efficient operational costs
  • Improved energy sustainability and reduction in CO2 emissions and environmental footprint
  • Increased site resilience that protects your business from energy supply disruption
  • Improved energy flexibility that enables you to consume energy when demand charges are lowest and earn revenue from excess generated power
  • The opportunity to grow and innovate your energy strategy in line with your business ambitions

Download our Energy Opportunity paper now and help your company move towards a more energy efficient future.