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Powering resilient data centers with on-site generation

Powering resilient data centers with on-site generation

How data centers are increasing energy resilience and reducing energy costs by generating their own power.

Providing a reliable power supply when needed is the primary reason why more and more data centers are installing on-site generation. This is resolving the growing threat of grid constraints and supply disruption to provide energy resilience for assured business continuity.

While a reliable and secure power supply is paramount, data center managers recognize that by generating their own electricity, they can also control and manage their power requirement while reducing rising energy costs.

The need to stabilize and reduce energy costs is growing – driven by twin pressures on power prices. This is caused by extreme volatility in the wholesale energy markets, combined with sharp increases in non-commodity costs, which now account for about 50% of an energy bill.

Uninterrupted high efficiency power

Centrica Business Solutions is a global leader in supplying reliable, advanced energy solutions to organizations globally.

  • We power the ambitions of 2,000 companies across Europe, the Middle East and North America – from retail and manufacturing to health and data centers.
  • We manage more than 600GW (gigawatts) of on-site power.
  • Our insight technology generates 14 billion data points per month, helping businesses to proactively plan their energy strategy and ensure continuity of supply.
  • Thousands of mission critical businesses across the world rely on Centrica Business Solutions for their uninterrupted power supply.

We design and manage advanced energy solutions that enable data centers to scale-up rapidly in a cost competitive way. Our in-house design, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities mean that we can deliver superior end-to-end installation and ensure that full engineering and maintenance support is available throughout the project lifetime.

The radical shift from traditional centralized energy generation to reliable, localized distributed energy creates new opportunities for data centers to reinforce energy resilience by generating and managing their own high efficiency power supply.

Modular microgrids

Data centers use more than 90 billion kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity each year, and this consumption is expected to double every 4 years – and extra grid capacity isn’t always quickly available. Our modular on-site generation technologies are designed to grow with business demand – providing a cost effective, future-proofed solution.

We integrate renewable technologies, heat recovery and renewable gas with our gas-fired on-site generation to create microgrids that keep the power on 24/7, while reducing emissions.

Dependable power

Centrica Business Solutions’ portfolio of high and medium speed gas engines and turbines provides the steady, stable, constant power supply that data centers depend on to assure business continuity, whatever is happening in the outside world. Another source of reliable, on-site energy generation is solar power. Our commercial solar solutions can utilize on-site assets like a rooftop, parking lot, or land space to generate reliable, efficient, 100% renewable energy from sunshine in order to power business needs.

Our large operations and maintenance team has extensive experience of designing high efficiency energy critical facilities globally. We provide turnkey solutions and complete end-to-end service and support – from handling planning and grid connection, to optimizing operation and maintenance throughout the project lifecycle.

On-site generation provides a rapid return on investment, but for those with capital constraints, we offer flexible financing options. Options include Energy Services Agreements that require no upfront investment, short-term rentals. and long-term financed solutions – all supported with comprehensive maintenance.

How we can help

Centrica Business Solutions can help you secure your lower-cost energy supply and scale it for the future with our on-site generation and storage solutions. Protect your business and your customers’ data, even if you experience a system failure.