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Maximizing the value of Distributed Energy Resources

Maximizing the value of Distributed Energy Resources

Earn revenue and increase resilience by participating in Demand Response markets with Distributed Energy Resources.

A number of factors are driving change in the way leading businesses manage their energy. The energy market is evolving, enabled by decentralization and digitization, giving energy users an unprecedented amount of control over their energy use. An increasing number of businesses are now using on-site energy assets or Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for purposes beyond resilience – they’re using them as a source of revenue and cost reduction.

Managing energy is no longer just a price discussion. It’s a blend of supply and demand side strategies to reduce energy use and strategically shift it to take control over energy costs in today’s uber-competitive business environment.

Leveraging DERs and energy flexibility allows your business to gain an edge, with cost saving and new revenue streams.


businesses are generating more than 10% of their energy on-site already, with 8 out of 10 anticipating they will increase use of on-site generation over the next 5 years


of businesses generating energy on-site are selling energy back to the grid

The path to Asset Optimization

Excess energy from energy producing assets can be monetized in energy markets by participating in Demand Response (DR) and other programs. This can make adding resilience to your business cost less and actually contribute to revenue. When those assets are not in use as backup energy supply, they can often participate in DR markets earning revenue. This participation often doubles to cover some or all required testing and maintenance for assets on-site as well.

Upgrade or install new generation

Reduce operational costs and carbon emissions and protect your business against unexpected power outages and energy price fluctuations by investing in or upgrading your on-site DERs. Generating assets from can be used to provide services to grid operators and utilities, putting revenue back into your business when assets aren’t needed for resilience.

Optimizing DERs allows you to create a budget to reinvest in your energy infrastructure.

For example: You may upgrade a standby generator with less capital outlay when you participate in Demand Response. Using the generator, you can decrease energy taken from the grid by shifting your energy use to backup power without impacting business operations. The cost of the asset itself may be partially paid for out of market participation revenues and achieved energy bill savings.

Why Asset Optimization from Centrica Business Solutions is right for you

Today, companies like Centrica Business Solutions take a holistic interest in meeting your business goals to manage costs, generate new revenue, improve operational efficiency, enhance resilience and reduce CO2 emissions. Managing participation of DERs in energy markets generates value. We will help you to access that value and use it to cover some of the costs of asset upgrades and installations, giving you additional sources of energy and resilience.

The energy market is complex and constantly changing. We have a full team dedicated to understanding and managing a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a cloud-based network of energy-producing assets managed in markets to optimize the financial benefit and minimize risk of market participation for our customers.

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