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A guide to on-site generation technologies

A guide to on-site generation technologies

Learn about cogeneration and other technologies that complement each other and generate energy on-site for your business.

When buying electricity from a supplier, approximately 20% of the cost is to pay for transportation from a large power plant, through the networks, to your connection. By generating your own energy and reducing consumption on-site, these costs can be avoided and any surplus can be sold for extra revenue. Generating your own energy also gives you control to lower your carbon emissions and increase the reliability of your electricity supply.

On-site technologies

We consider all technologies available on the market and design a solution that is best suited to your needs and the existing site infrastructure. Our solution will combine the benefits of a range of technologies, including:

Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power): Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in production facilities where there are combined heat, power, and cooling requirements.

Solar and Storage: Reduce your reliance on the grid and save on your electricity supply and demand spend with solar power generation plus storage.

Rudox Power Generation: Improve your resilience with back-up power generation on-site to support your business and your energy strategy.

The benefits of on-site generation

• Financed solution
• Cost and risk reduction
• New revenues

• Latest technologies
• Live energy monitoring
• Personalized solution

• Increased site resilience
• On-going partnership

• Lower energy use
• Reduced CO2 emission
• Sustainability


With energy solutions, a technically optimized project can often get derailed by commercial factors. With all of our solutions, project financing is a crucial element to our design. We will work with you to decide which model best fits your business’s budget and ambitions. This may involve a fully funded project so that no investment is required from you or off-balance sheet structures.

Single partner for a full solution

Our solutions will deliver a project that is optimized across the entire value chain and tailored to your technical, financial and operational needs. Everything that we install is highly efficient or renewable and will provide your business with operational savings, reduced CO2 emissions and greater independence from the power grid. Once all equipment has been installed, we don’t walk away. We will look to further optimize your energy from our full suite of services including:

  • Energy monitoring and remote fault detection
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Demand response

Case Study: Powering the City of Bridgeport

MMBtu of projected annual energy savings
No cost to the city

Continuous cogeneration power in times of need

Centrica Business Solutions joined with Controlled Air, Inc.; O,R&L Construction; Power Island Energy; and several other companies to deliver a cogeneration system featuring chilled and thermal water loops, controls system and underground piping for a microgrid to power key municipal buildings for the city.

The design-build portion of the project was managed by O,R&L Construction, specialists in commercial building services.

The microgrid includes three Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, a standby power generator set provided by Centrica Business Solutions, and an electrical power network designed to provide continuous power during grid failure. The project was part of a municipal pilot program launched through the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) in 2013.

Right result

The microgrid provides power to key municipal buildings and utilizes the engine heat loss to supply heating and cooling to critical facilities, such as City Hall, the Police Headquarters, and the Golden Hill Senior Center.

The team has estimated annual savings of approximately 85,554 MMBtu in energy, all while meeting several budget and city needs. The microgrid was built with 100% redundancy at no cost to the city, with the potential for reducing environmental impact and long-term energy costs.

Why change?

Centrica Business Solutions’ combined heating, cooling and power units

  • Save 85,554 MMBtus annually
  • Use free by-product resources offering even more benefits
  • Offer reliable electrical source