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The essential CHP checklist

The essential cogeneration checklist

Discover how to help clients lower their energy costs and improve their energy performance. Download our essential cogeneration checklist for engineering consultants.

On-site cogeneration, known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is one of the most efficient sources of energy production. It works by converting gas into both electricity and heat in a single process, right on your own site. This energy solution makes your on-site supply more resilient by securing a more reliable supply of energy. It also reduces your energy costs and improves your environmental performance by helping you meet your CO2 emissions targets.

This checklist will ensure design engineers involved with cogeneration system selection have all points covered, including:

  • Technical assessments
  • Site energy consumption
  • Cogeneration unit selection
  • Utility interconnection
  • Project feasibility
  • Cost savings, investment and financing considerations