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Energy management in merchandise retail

Why Do Merchandise Retailers Need Energy Management Solutions? Excess energy consumption in retail can exceed 30%, undermining businesses and decreasing revenues. Viewing energy as a strategic asset leads to a profitable and sustainable retail chain.

Energy is one of the largest expenditures for retail companies worldwide, and it is constantly increasing.

With Panoramic Power, a wide range of merchandise retailers optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency. Fortune 500 retail brands, as well as small multi-site chains, improve with a holistic energy management strategy.

Covering multiple value streams and enabling retailers to leverage the energy portfolio as a strategic asset improves top line revenue growth and protects bottom line cost savings.

The quick and effective solution for reducing energy costs is device-level monitoring. 

Panoramic Power's device-level, wireless, self-powered sensors are engineered to allow rapid, non-invasive installation with no disturbance of daily operations. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service, or battery replacement. Panoramic Power helps you overcome the many challenges retailers face. We provide organizations with a cost effective, easy to deploy solution that delivers unmatched visibility into each location’s energy landscape.

Benefits for merchandise retailers

  • Cut Costs, Expand Margins and Increase Profitability with Energy and Operational Efficiency Receive real time energy waste alerts, optimized energy usage profiles, and benchmarking capabilities. Discover precisely where energy expenditures are taxing the enterprise resources at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy management systems.
  • Optimize Equipment to Save Operational Costs 
    Data-backed predictive maintenance identifies unforeseen problems and alerts of predicted failures in real-time, before they lead to thousands of dollars in wasted energy, hidden operational inefficiencies, or equipment failures.
  • Enhance Brand Reputation and Sustainability through Green Data Reporting
    Support corporate social responsibility, maximize ROI of green initiatives, and optimize sustainability programs with detailed reports and actionable insights that enable sustainability improvements.