Podcasts: Questions to ask when looking at installing business EV chargers

Andreas Atkins, EV Business Development Manager, runs through some of the most important questions businesses should ask themselves when looking at deploying EV chargers.

The direction of sustainable transport is clear. It is predicted that by 2029, 20% to 30% of all the vehicles on UK roads will be electric, which will be led by early adopters, such as fleets and taxis - and zero emission driving is at the heart of the government's net zero commitments, including the world’s most ambitious climate change target of 78% emissions cut by 2035 – compared to 1990 levels.

In this podcast with Future Net Zero, Andreas covers what businesses should be thinking about when taking advantage of the opportunities EV brings, including:

  • Feasibility and expansion
  • Meeting new power requirements
  • Funding your project

And more...