On Demand Webinar: Accelerating the electric vehicle drive

Discover how your business can unlock the environmental and financial benefits when transitioning to electric vehicles

The UK government is helping organisations to accelerate the EV transition, including the Chancellor's recent announcement of £500m to support the rollout of rapid EV charging and a Rapid Charging Fund for businesses.

Our latest research reveals that investment in electric vehicles (EVs) by UK businesses is set to increase by almost 50% over the next two years, exceeding £12 billion.

During this webinar, our panel experts discuss the benefits of transitioning to EVs and how businesses can transition in a scalable way, the methods businesses can adopt to overcome barriers to EV deployment and our latest research. 

Centrica Business Solutions is helping thousands of organisations to make the shift to sustainable transport by providing a complete end-to-end EV infrastructure solution. As one of the UK’s leading EV charge-point installers, we have created an
EV white paper to simplify the transition to sustainable transport.