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What is the Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP)?

Decarbonising the generation and use of heat is key to the UK reaching net zero. Learn more about how HNIP can help your organisation.

Delivered by Triple Point Networks Investment Management on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) has been setup to help build a self-sustaining and transformative heat energy market.  This market is to offer affordable and reliable heat by providing funding for commercially viable heat network scheme that will deliver cost-effective and low carbon energy.

Grants are available up to £5m per project, whilst the two loans on offer (corporate and project) are between £25k and £10m. The fund will be open until at least April 2022, when its continuation will be reviewed by the government.

Who is eligible?

All applicant types are available, but the heat network must meet the definition set out in the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014. The heat network must:

  • Collect 75% of the heat from Combined Heat and Power (CHP), which can include non-renewable fuels
  • Collect 50% of the heat from a renewable source
  • Collect 50% recovered heat or
  • Collect 50% of the heat from any combination of renewable/recovered heat and non-renewable fuelled CHP

Applications can be sent at any time whilst the HNIP funding is still currently available.


How we can help

Centrica Business Solutions has been at the leading edge of on-site heat generation technology for over 40 years. We support organisations across the UK with combined heat and power and heat pump solutions to improve the sustainability of heat generation and usage. Our experts can help you enhance your business case for action with support in accessing HNIP funding.

Funding pledged.
Available funding length.
Up to £5m offered with government grants.