Natural Gas

We’ve supplied gas to homes and businesses across the UK for more than 200 years.

British Gas was formed more than 200 years ago, suppling gas to homes and businesses across the UK. To this day, it's our team of gaslighters who continue to service and maintain London's gas lights. And we’re proud to have been pivotal in delivering some of the biggest energy system transformations that the country has seen – from transitioning 14 million people from town gas to natural gas in the 1960s and 1970s, to driving the digitalisation of energy through the smart meter revolution.

We’re proud to continue supplying the gas that’s needed to power Britain, alongside a range of renewable options to support the transition to net zero.

We offer a range of different gas tariffs, to help you build a tailored plan that’s right for your business. Or, if you use more than 150,000 kWh of gas, you could upgrade for an added premium to one of our Renewable Gas options.

Why choose British Gas?
Tailored plans to fit your needs

We can deliver the simplicity of a Fixed Price Plan to give you price certainty, or a more flexible approach to suit your business needs.

Better visibility and control

We offer a range of tools and platforms to help you better understand and manage your business energy usage, supporting your net zero goals.

Renewable energy
Range of renewable upgrades

We offer renewable and carbon offsetting upgrade options to further support your sustainability credentials.