Demand Side Management (DSM)

Combat rising energy costs with smart technology that identifies cost reduction opportunities and helps you take action

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Renewables and integrated energy solutions are growing, and non-commodity charges are driving up energy budgets. As part of our portfolio of Energy Optimisation Solutions, Demand Side Management (DSM) puts you in control of your energy spend. Utilising Internet of Things (IoT) and industry-leading machine learning technology from our acquisition of REstore, the leader in Demand Side Management in Europe, we help to identify, plan and act on demand curtailment opportunities.

Control costs with Demand Side Management

Learn how you can benefit from DSM
Watch our video and see how you can turn a cost into a value while also improving operational efficiency. Transform energy you are not using into a business asset.       

Benefits for your business

  • Reduce costs by avoiding peak prices and limiting non-commodity supply charges.
  • Identify and incorporate flexible-energy opportunities using innovative energy insights technology.
  • Incorporate generation assets and energy consuming operations into a single system to balance your demand.
  • Utilise curtailment flexibility in Demand Side Response (DSR) programmes to generate revenue from grid operators.
Want to unlock hidden value in your power consuming and generation assets? Learn how in our overview.

Why Centrica Business Solutions

  • Visualise site flexibility and plan curtailment opportunities with our industry-leading software.
  • Connect your assets via our fully compatible on-site hardware.
  • Stay in control of your assets by setting strict industrial and operational boundaries into planning and event execution.
  • Utilise advanced machine learning and forecasting algorithms to identify and capture more value curtailments.
  • Ensure secure software connections with our ISO270001 complaint solutions.
of flexibility available to the grid from our industrial and commercial customers
grid operators at any one time period
of flexible assets under management across UK, Europe and North America
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