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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Improve your resilience and reduce energy spend with Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration.

With potential payback in 1-3 years, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) could offer your organisation energy savings of up to 40%. Amid volatile energy costs and pressure on the grid, many businesses are deploying CHP to generate energy on-site.

As one of the UK’s leading CHP suppliers and operators, we have over 35 years of expertise in delivering energy efficient CHP solutions. And now, with blended hydrogen available, on-site generation is a future-proof choice.

Save energy by creating your own with CHP

Watch our video to see how CHP can produce electricity and heating for your business at the same time

Understand how you can drive energy efficiency and benefit from reduced costs and carbon emissions.

Benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

  • A highly efficient technology, by using waste heat, CHP plants can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%.
  • Stay compliant with assessment such as BREEAM and Part L regulations.
  • Utilise captured heat, on-site for critical operations and processes.
  • Lower your electricity costs and reduce reliance on grid energy by generating your own electricity onsite.
  • Gain budget stability through predictable electricity costs and accurate forecasting of operating expenses.
  • 3D laser scanning to visualise your CHP unit for planning and designing stages
Reduce energy costs by up to 40% by generating on-site and benefitting from heat utilisation
1-3 yrs
typical payback is 2-3 years on a CHP system, or potentially 1-2 years in some circumstances
CHP plants can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%.
Find technical support for BREEAM, NOx and other planning considerations, as well as technical details about our product ranges.

Hydrogen fuelled CHP solutions

Our long-term partnership with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) providers mtu and MAN Energy Solutions continues to innovate around the future of this important on-site generation technology. We’re working to ensure our CHP solutions can meet the technical and commercial challenges of reaching net zero, with future-defining projects on blended hydrogen and 100% hydrogen fuelled engines.

We're driving change with a 20% blended hydrogen CHP solution across a large range of engines, making the switch achievable through minor changes to parts and software. Additional tests are being conducted in the 20-40% range to future-proof CHPs for potential adoption of national blended-hydrogen infrastructure.

Excitingly, our partnership with mtu is also already in single cylinder trials with 100% hydrogen fuelled CHPs – where it is anticipated engines electrical efficiency will operate at >40% – with an availability to customers post 2024.

How does CHP work?

CHP converts a single fuel into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use.

Single fuel for power and heat

Providing almost continuous operation, a CHP engine requires only a single fuel (typically gas) to function, simplifying your infrastructure requirements.

Electricity production

The engine, coupled to an alternator, generates power, which is then converted into usable electricity to meet on-site energy demands

Heat recovery

Simultaneously, heat is recovered from the engine exhaust, jacket and water/oil cooling circuit. The heat is then made available for redistribution on-site.

Complete performance visibility with PowerRadar

Learn more about our industry-leading energy management software that brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyse your entire energy estate – providing a single view to visualise and track the performance of your CHP solution.


Why Centrica Business Solutions for your CHP solution?

  • The UK’s only CHP facility with full design, build and testing capabilities, with the largest fleet of operation and maintenance technicians in the UK
  • Operating since 1987 as a global pioneer of CHP technology, across a range of sectors such as manufacturing
  • In excess of £2m of spare parts available for next-day delivery
  • Over 700MW of CHP plants are maintained and operated by us worldwide, including Hungary, Italy and Netherlands
  • Financial options available to suit your organisation's goals, including a dedicated Flexible Term Agreement for the food and drink manufacturing industry
In excess of
of spare parts available for next day delivery
More than
parameters are measured and monitored on every CHP system
of CHP plant maintained and operated by us worldwide
You can save more when you pair Combined Heat and Power (CHP) with energy supply contracts