A more flexible way to save with CHP

Making it easier for food & drink manufacturers to achieve long term energy savings with Combined Heat and Power.

Flexible Term Agreement (FTA)

At Centrica Business Solutions, we know the food and drink manufacturing industry is nothing if not energy intensive; power-hungry production lines and processes that require heating and cooling mean keeping energy costs and carbon emissions in check can be a constant battle.

And while 56% of manufacturers say investing in energy efficiency technologies is very important for their business, challenges in how the Food and Drink Manufacturing industry operates mean investment can be difficult. In many cases, the reality of short-term customer contracts, mean manufacturers are wary of committing to long-term energy investment.

That’s why we've created a new asset financing solution specifically for food and beverage manufacturers, Flexible Term Agreement (FTA), to help you unlock energy cost savings of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), with the flexibility to relocate or return your CHP every 3-5 years, penalty free.

Centrica Business Solutions has been powering the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years. That puts us in a great position to be able to help large organisations to take control of their energy production so that demand for heat and electricity is never a concern again.”

Breaking down the barriers to CHP investment

The CHP Flexible Term Agreement is a commercial financing solution that makes it easier for food and drinks manufacturers to realise the energy savings offered by generating their own power – with the option to return or relocate their unit.

It allows you to benefit from a contract that flexes in line with your changing demands. Even if you have to move sites, your contract can move too and we’ll support you in moving your CHP plant.

  • Relocate or return your CHP every 3-5 years, without penalties
  • If you choose to relocate your CHP unit, your contract moves with you
  • Achieve immediate savings of 15-20% by generating usable electricity on-site
  • Unlock deeper savings after 3-5 years of up to 40%
  • No set up costs and no initial capital outlay
  • Utilise the heat by-product to further reduce energy costs
Achievable day one savings
More value
Unlock deeper savings after 3-5 years
Choose to relocate or return your CHP unit every 3-5 years
Unlocking the energy saving power of CHP cogeneration is now more flexible than ever!

Our energy and financing specialists can help make CHP work for your organisation.

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