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Flexible Term Agreement (FTA) for CHP

Making it easier for you to achieve long term energy savings with Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Flexible Term Agreement (FTA)

56% of organisations we asked said that they worry about what will happen to their profitability if they start to reduce emissions.1 Long-term energy investment can be challenging, and organisations are facing volatile energy costs and high pressure on the grid.

But with our Flexible Term Agreement (FTA), you can unlock immediate cost savings with Combined Heat and Power (CHP). With no initial capital outlay and no setup costs, you could access day-one savings of 15-20%.

And we know that your site’s requirements may be changing regularly amid widespread market volatility. To flex with your needs, our FTA helps you to relocate or return your CHP unit every 3-5 years - penalty-free.

1Why wait to pursue net zero? Centrica Business Solutions, 2021.

Breaking down the barriers to CHP investment

Our CHP Flexible Term Agreement is a commercial financing solution helping organisations to realise the energy savings offered by on-site generation.

With the option to return or relocate your CHP unit, FTA allows you to benefit from a contract that flexes in line with your changing demands. Even if you have to move sites, your contract can move too and we’ll support you in moving your CHP plant.

  • Relocate or return your CHP every 3-5 years, without penalties
  • If you choose to relocate your CHP unit, your contract moves with you
  • Achieve immediate savings of 15-20% by generating usable electricity on-site
  • Unlock deeper savings after 3-5 years of up to 40%
  • No set up costs and no initial capital outlay
  • Utilise the heat by-product to further reduce energy costs
potential day-one savings
of 15-20%
unlock savings of up to 40%
after 3-5 years
3-5 yrs
choose to relocate or return your CHP unit every 3-5 years
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