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Hospital produces 20k GJ of energy with recycled wood chips

The Hungarian hospital wanted to find a renewable source of energy to heat its many buildings. Using wood chips from the local forestry industry, it can now produce 20,000 gigajoules (GJ) of thermal energy per year.

20K GJ
Thermal energy produced annually
Tonnes Greenhouse gases removed from atmosphere
Tonnes. Biomass feedstock needed for operation

A renewable energy supply

Serving a busy inner-city area in Hungary, the hospital needed a constant supply of heat and energy to all its buildings.  It wanted to find a renewable energy source that would also improve the safety of the hospital’s energy supply.

Local wood chips provide the answer

Working with Centrica Business Solutions Zrt., the hospital has installed a 950 kW biomass-fired boiler, which is powered solely by waste wood chips from local forestry businesses.  The biomass plant has been designed to operate year round, supplying heat during the winter and hot water during the summer.

The results

The biomass plant provides the hospital with 20,000 GJ of thermal energy annually, powered by 2,000 tonnes of waste wood chips. Once the biomass fuel has been stored, the unit runs automatically, with combustion control and ash removal
requiring no further intervention.

As well as saving 700 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, the plant is also an economical source of energy due to the low cost of the wood chips used as biomass fuel.

Once the biomass fuel has been stored, the biomass-fired boiler runs automatically, with combustion control and ash removal requiring no further intervention.”

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • With over 30 years working in the healthcare industry, Centrica Business Solutions Zrt. understood the hospital’s energy requirements.
  • Built a relationship with the hospital and the local forestry companies to establish a strong, long-term, working partnership.