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Unlock energy insights with Demand Side Response (DSR)

Combine energy insights with DSR to create cost savings, unlock new revenues and reinvest in your business so you can achieve greater things.

As utilities and system operators like National Grid respond to growing changes in supply and demand, advances in technology and reforms in the energy market are providing a range of additional services that businesses can access to create new value.

Businesses with a deeper understanding of their energy profile and usage can better grasp the opportunities created by combining solutions such as Demand Side Response (DSR) with Energy Insights.

Getting a better picture and reducing energy costs
You can get the most from DSR when you have a complete overview of your energy usage, using analytics to identify actual consumption, matched to cost, equipment requirements, and energy supply.

Combining DSR with energy insight sensor technology will give you greater control and management over your energy assets. It will also help you to assess where flexibility exists in your current assets to support National Grid as and when needed.

And in some cases, end-users may also be charged a penalty if they exceed the maximum demand agreed to in their contract, i.e., their “contract maximum demand”. Using energy insight solutions to build an understanding of your businesses’ demand profile is the first step towards better management of energy demand. And where there are limits, technology is available to help you avoid fines through alerts to the potential of exceeding your site limits, even via text or email.

The value in unlocking energy insights

Having a better understanding of your business’ energy usage can yield a number of benefits, including improved operational efficiency, unlocking value, reducing business risk and uncovering more flexibility opportunities in your energy usage. Improving visibility also gives you the opportunity to spot energy inefficiencies (such as unnecessary idling and behavioural norms that could be addressed) and tackle them right away. Insights can also reduce the need for costly downtime through predictive maintenance.

Minimise energy usage with technology designed to turn heating, ventilation and lighting down or off. Some businesses are also making the decision to switch to on-site generation assets (such as solar PV, generators, combined heat and power (CHP) and batteries) at times where there is lower demand. By reducing energy consumption and wastage, a business can reduce their Transmission network use of system (TNUoS) charges.

Unlock more energy insights

DSR enables significant revenue to be generated 24/7, whilst monitoring asset power consumption. DSR can monitor frequency response, reserve services, peak demand management, demand turn-up and capacity markets. In the case of frequency response, flexible power users can earn revenue by agreeing to adjust their consumption in real-time.

Contribute to supply and demand balance by selling surplus electricity back to the National Grid when actual demand grows more quickly than forecast. This will open up a new revenue stream for your business.

In the case of peak demand management, you can save significant sums by rapidly reducing your energy consumption during these times. Using DSR, you provider will have a high success rate in predicting when these events will occur. Designed to help you make informed decisions, DSR can help you to unlock energy insights as well as value.

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