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Put DSR at the centre of your business energy strategy

Improve your energy infrastructure, reduce costs and improve your business’s energy efficiencies with Demand Side Response (DSR).

Energy strategy is business strategy, and Demand Side Response is an important part of keeping your business ahead. It’s a source of competitive advantage and a new stream of revenue. More businesses are waking up to the importance of DSR and making it central to their energy strategy.

Implementing DSR provides an opportunity for large energy users like you to actively participate in the grid and earn revenue for doing so, unlocking the value of a flexible energy strategy.

DSR helps businesses meet their objectives

Put DSR at the centre of your energy strategy to deliver great outcomes and maximise your existing assets. More importantly, a DSR-based energy strategy can unlock hidden value – allowing you to invest in more energy solutions, investing in new equipment and systems to reduce costs and further combat carbon emissions.

An energy strategy built around DSR can achieve the following outputs:

  • The C-Suite gains real-time insight into energy and operational performance across the business. They can enhance brand image through more effective sustainability measures.
  • Operations gains real-time visibility into the business's energy usage and energy infrastructure, allowing them to develop a smarter approach to energy management.
  • Facilities gains better control of energy systems and the energy estate, with a complete picture of what is happening at building, floor and device level.

Why DSR should be at the centre of your business energy strategy

DSR works by connecting your energy assets, the grid and our 24/7 energy management platform. This system gives you the visibility, control and flexibility to use energy more intelligently. DSR delivers positive outcomes for your energy strategy in three key ways.

Improves energy usage and consumption

Connecting assets to the energy platform gives you complete visibility of your energy usage and consumption. Find the flexibility in your assets so that you can increase, decrease or shift their electricity consumption to optimise your overall performance. The grid pays you for this flexibility and efficiency as you help to balance supply and demand, as well as enabling cost savings.  

In today's distributed landscape, a successful energy strategy is time sensitive. With DSR's real-time, second-by-second monitoring, you know exactly when to adjust consumption to avoid higher costs or sell your excess into the grid at the optimum price.

Improves energy infrastructure

Use the revenue generated by DSR to invest in your energy infrastructure - particularly renewables solutions. Investing in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and solar solutions will help you to reduce costs and carbon emissions simultaneously. Reinvesting DSR revenue into your infrastructure will make your energy strategy – and your business – more successful.

Reduces costs

DSR enables your business to lower its energy costs. With improved energy infrastructure and better monitoring of usage, energy is used more efficiently, reducing overall consumption and costs. The ability to decrease or shift consumption in response to a signal from the grid, means that you can avoid higher non-commodity charges.

When the grid forecasts peak winter national demand, the business can reduce consumption to reduce the transmission network charge (TNUoS: Transmission Network Use of System). During 'red zone' periods, when the highest distribution network costs occur, the business can shift consumption to avoid higher Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges.

Put DSR at the core of your strategy to reduce costs and unlock the freedom to invest in what your business does best.


DSR will provide your business with a means to continuously improve its energy strategy and ultimately its overall business performance. DSR is a flexible solution that evolves with your business, its approach and its level of sophistication over time. As savings are made and revenues generated, more funds become available to invest in upgrading infrastructure or installing local generating capacity. These in turn deliver efficiencies and unlock revenue, helping the business sustain its competitiveness into the future.


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