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Powering resilience: How to monitor CHP systems

Explore the importance of smart monitoring in CHP projects, what it does, and how it helps you to achieve long-term, sustainable performance.

Smart monitoring is a new way to achieve sustainable performance throughout the lifetime of your CHP.

Our customers often ask us questions around Combined Heat and Power (CHP) remote monitoring. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked and put them to our experts at Centrica Business Solutions, so you can receive up-to-date information. Whether you’re starting out with CHP for the first time, or whether you’re having difficulties managing data, we have the answers that will put you on the right path.

Why do I need remote monitoring for my CHP?

It’s unusual to have someone physically watching the CHP system 24/7. Remote monitoring will alert you to any potential issues such as downtime. You can receive these notifications on your devices, so you have full visibility from wherever you are.

Remote monitoring allows you to get on with your day-to-day objectives, without having to take time out to check the system’s availability and performance. The data obtained through remote monitoring is the ultimate way of confirming CHP performance. These reports can be used to achieve annual CHPQA certification, which is important if you want to receive financial benefits through government tax incentives.

How do I get data for carbon reporting?

Generate performance reports based on remote monitoring data. Analysis of this data will deliver an overview of carbon displaced by CHP operation, as well as other important metrics such as financial savings and overall CHP efficiency.

Can I have half-hourly data?

Yes. As with most utility bills, half-hourly data has become the standard. It provides the finite degree of data you need to check CHP performance meaningfully.

How easy is it to check the performance of my CHP system?

We’ll set you up with our performance monitoring portal. As long as you have internet access, you can log in whenever and as frequently as you like. Visibility of the CHP’s performance and availability is readily available as and when you need it.

Do I need to report any problems via the monitoring system?

If your maintenance agreement includes 24-hour remote monitoring, you shouldn’t have to contact us. The CHP monitoring is linked to our service centre, so any operating problems will be dealt with by our operations team. Our aim is to provide you with a ‘fit and forget’ CHP system. We will send you a monthly report telling you how efficient your CHP has been.

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