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Financing your commercial solar investment

Power up the return on your Solar investment with energy insights

How to use data-driven energy insights to accelerate your payback on solar investment.

Energy efficiency and commercial solar panel solutions work perfectly together to optimise your energy consumption and maximise your investment in renewable onsite generation.

Using advanced energy insights to optimise your energy efficiency strategy will yield impressive cost and environmental improvements, but it will also accelerate the return on investment (ROI) of your solar investment. 

Reducing upfront costs of solar

It stands to reason that if you reduce your electricity  demand by minimising  energy waste,  you’ll need to invest in fewer commercial solar panels to offset the lower volumes of power you're drawing from the grid. 

If you’re able to reduce your power consumption by 25%, this roughly translates to a 25% smaller solar power bank installation. Any upfront costs of your solar installation are therefore reduced, along with your payback period.

By identifying  energy efficiency opportunities, organisations can thus ensure that their solar system is sized to meet the lower power demand. In this way, organisations can future proof their energy strategy to minimise costs and improve energy sustainability over the 25+ year lifespan of their solar asset.

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Double the benefits

Combining energy efficiency and solar delivers double benefits:

  • Direct insight energy efficiency benefit of lower energy consumption bills and operating expenses, together with sustainability improvements. 
  • Indirect benefit of lower power demand, which reduces the number of solar panels required, thus reducing the upfront investment costs and maximising the financial returns.

Intelligent approach to energy saving

Many organisations exploit the 'low hanging fruit' energy monitoring and efficiency measures to deliver quick and effective savings, but then progress stalls.  At this stage, a more informed approach is required - using data driven energy insights to provide visibility of how energy is being used across your entire operation. This can pinpoint hidden areas of waste and uncover opportunities to deliver opportunities to take your energy efficiency strategy to the next level.

Exploiting these energy efficiency opportunities can offer real competitive advantage by reducing  your utility and operating costs – especially when paired with a solar PV installation.

Understanding energy usage

When we evaluate the solar potential of an organisation, one of our first actions is to determine  energy consumption and the opportunities to minimise usage as this is crucial to accurate project specification.

Our energy Insight solution provides complete and detailed visibility into how, when and where you are consuming energy across your site - right down to device level. This enables our customers to benchmark usage, identify inefficiencies, and understand the most effective energy efficiency opportunities. 

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Holistic approach increases investment returns

As experts in distributed energy, we take a holistic approach to specifying commercial solar projects.  We'll audit your energy footprint, identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement, and use the information to form a comprehensive energy efficiency plan. This intelligence then informs design of your future-proofed solar project.

Find out how you can reduce the upfront cost of your solar project and speed up your payback period by deploying efficient energy solutions.

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