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Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve processes and enhance facility-wide operations. Effective energy management is the foundation of operational excellence. As companies strive to reduce product costs, improve processes and optimize asset reliability; the missing link is often energy data and visibility into energy usage at the system level.

Leading companies are realising that effective energy management can lead to better understanding of productivity losses in production, predictive analytics for asset failures and data analysis in energy consumption at the system level.

Centrica Business Solutions's Energy Insights helps enterprises manage their equipment and the associated business processes, even those across dispersed geographies, in a standard centralised platform.

Features and benefits

  • Early detection of equipment failure: Avoid unexpected failures by detecting impending problems before a failure occurs, resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints.
  • Business process improvement: Achieve a higher effectiveness of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of staff resources. Track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, improving inventory control.
  • Preventative maintenance: Cut costs and improve productivity by identifying equipment failures ahead of time  - eliminating unscheduled and expensive equipment downtime.
  • Measurement and Verification: Measure the outcome of maintenance or retrofit activities before and after they occur and use the information to prioritize maintenance activities and retrofits based on true business value.
  • Gain valuable operational insights: Receive granular visibility into operational insights that are specific to your industry, market and building type. Augment your security, process monitoring, working hours and employee behavior control with energy data that delivers unmatched information and insight.
  • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reliability: Real time energy data helps ensure that each critical device is running optimally and efficiently.
  • Improve the bottom line: Calculate cost of production per equipment/ production line.



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