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The future of energy cost management is 'as a service'.

Tim Wynn-Jones talks about our new service-based financing model that combines grid supply, distributed energy solutions and industry expertise to provide a simpler, long-term solution to cost reduction for large energy users.

Let’s face facts: managing energy efficiently can be complex. As a large energy user, you’re looking to make energy savings and tackle carbon emissions, while still making sure you have power for your day-to-day operations – but in a rapidly evolving and distributed energy market, none of that is simple.

But while our 2019 Future Trends report finds that being “efficient and well run” ­– in general terms – is the top priority for organisations over the next three years, only a quarter (26%) say they have a comprehensive, end-to-end view of their energy efficiency, and only 10% have the internal expertise to monitor and implement efficiency improvements.

So, what are businesses to do? For many businesses, the answer should be to find a partner who can deliver not only energy technologies, but a full-service energy capability – combining market expertise, energy supply, v and the financing options you need, in a single package.

That’s why, at Centrica Business Solutions, we’re launching Energy as a Service (EaaS). It’s a service with the capability to meet your changing energy needs over time and with the help of a dedicated account manager and team of energy professionals, to unlock advanced energy savings.

Benefits of Energy as a Service

How can a service like EaaS help you to unlock deeper energy savings and manage your energy risk over the long term?

1. Unlock energy savings and manage your carbon emissions

Every responsible organisation has energy efficiency goals, aiming to tackle carbon emissions and move towards becoming a sustainable business. But meeting these goals while maintaining organisational resilience and financial health are a complex challenge. With EaaS we’ll help you to manage and meet your commitments.

For some businesses, that could mean installing Solar arrays, for renewable on-site generation (we’ve installed solar on over 1,000 sites in the UK alone). It might mean finding ways to balance your energy consumption, using state-of-the-art Energy Optimisation. It could mean using PowerRadar™ to visualise your carbon savings and efficiency savings; or perhaps even building the charging infrastructure to support a growing electric vehicle (EV) fleet.  

Whatever is right for you, our 2019 Future Trends report finds that 72% of businesses agree that they need technology and better operational practices to get the biggest efficiency gains. With EaaS, we can help you with both, as you future-proof your portfolio and become a more sustainable business.

Cost management is more important than ever. Read our report to learn about 5 ways we can help your organisation reduce costs.

2. Retain the level of control you want

One of the advantages of EaaS is that you can transfer risk to Centrica Business Solutions by letting us handle operational detail, while benefiting from built-in guarantees for optimal performance.

That said, you might want to retain a relatively high degree of control of your energy portfolio – and, if so, that’s fine. Our EaaS solution offers three levels of control, Trusted, Tailored and Retained, which vary in the way we handle technology selection, implementation, financing, wholesale market access, maintenance, and optimisation.

By providing a flexible, tiered solution your organisation can ensure that EaaS complements existing partnerships and respects the business relationships you already have.

3. Help you to finance your solution

Depending on the level of control you want retain, we could also help you to finance your solutions – so you can be energy-efficient and resilient, without diverting capital which could be used to invest in your core business.

With our Trusted Control setup, for example, there are no up-front capital costs – and we can provide a 100% managed service with 100% on-the-ground operational support.

4. When is EaaS right for you?

Energy as a Service can provide the greatest benefits for large energy users, who are likely to have most to gain from optimising their energy strategy. So, for example, if you have unused land you could put to better use; if you’re unsure about the right mix between on-site and grid energy supply; if you need more visibility over your operations at multiple sites; of if you are looking for an energy partner to help you unlock deeper energy savings over the long term, then consider EaaS.

We’ll help you to create a solution that meets your goals, and with our dedicated account management team, ensure they are implemented optimally.

How we support your needs

We recognise that moving over to EaaS requires a degree of trust. You can rely on us to help optimise your energy portfolio – thanks to our expert teams, offering skills from design to installation and from account management to technology solutions.

We offer:

  • Solution Development Team that creates bespoke combinations of our products, to meet your specific requirements
  • Dedicated account manager who can work with you to manage commercial risk, deliver guaranteed savings and future-proof your estate
  • Insight and analytics software to enable data-led decision making and simplified portfolio optimisation
  • Distributed energy solutions and services; including not only on-site generation, but also energy supply and trading
  • Accredited health and safety professionals ensure the well-being of employees, visitors and the community
  • Above all, recognition that your business isn’t standing still: it evolves over time - and so EaaS

Over time, we’ll help you access the latest energy-saving and optimisation technologies, helping you to be more efficient and resilient as you become an ever more sustainable business.